What should a fullstack developer know in 2015 ? (Quora)

November 1, 2015

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Quincy Larson

Quincy Larson, teacher at FreeCodeCamp.com

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How It Works | RYNO Motors

October 29, 2015

Source: How It Works | RYNO Motors

Better than a Segway? Personal motorized device.
Allowed anywhere pedestrians are: Offices, sidewalks, grocery stores, bike lanes. Up to 10mph. Self Balancing. Can transport up to 250lbs of cargo.

Originally, I guess it was 12mph, and up to 25mph in a limited capacity, in order to keep it classified as a personal motorized device. Looks like the final production version is up to 10mph.

Only thing I wonder how “wide” this thing is. Like it might be rather uncomfortable for some people.  A whole bunch of photos show people just standing, chatting with someone, but I really don’t think that would be comfortable unless very large, or very tall. Small framed people, like myself, I have doubts.

Looks rather cool though.

I want to see their concept car. I saw some images, but I haven’t found it on their website yet.

Aweinspiring animals: Cat vs alligator, Animals rescue other species of animals, amazing animal relationships

October 8, 2015


Newfound respect and Awe for Cats as an amazing creature: Cat vs (Racoon, Aligator, Dog, Snake, Poosum, etc..)

Cat vs R(acoon, Aligator, Dog, Snake, Poosum, etc…)



Animals rescue animals of a different species.
Cross species animals as friends
Cat acts as guard dog to keep alligators away.
Young Cheetah mothers baby monkey.


This one has some annoying parts, but just skip forward at that point. There is amazing footage intermixed, through to the end.



His “Best Friend” is a Bear

Anderson worked for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks as a wildlife rehabilitation technician, and for several privately owned wildlife parks as an animal keeper and trainer. In 2002, he adopted an orphaned grizzly bear cub, Brutus, from an overcrowded wildlife park where the cub was destined to spend his life in captivity or be euthanized. This led to Anderson’s future career as trainer to Brutus and co-owner of Montana Grizzly Encounter which is a sanctuary that rehabilitates grizzlies rescued from bad captivity situations and which aids in the study of grizzlies.



Cat Scares Bear Away

The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes

September 28, 2015

Source: The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes

The Space Without

September 4, 2015



Using Computer Vision and AI to interpret the world for the visually impaired.

Same technology that brings us facial recognition, and self driving cars.




Visualized by Jeff Nishinaka

Source: The Space Without


23 Creative Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew

September 2, 2015

Baking soda, aka sodium bicarbonate, is a key ingredient used in baking fluffy and delicious cakes.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with ¼th teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and then brush your teeth. Baking soda banishes bad mouth odor. Deodorize your smelly sneakers by sprinkling some baking soda into them at night..

The 12 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Heard Of

September 2, 2015

You can find them at Whole Foods.

Major Cancer Breakthrough: Doctors Solve Long-standing Mystery of How to Stop Cancer From Growing

August 31, 2015

Cancer is a terrifying disease that researchers around the globe are obsessively working to cure. Now scientists from the USA have made a breakthrough discovery related to how cells replicate in cancer patients, how to put a stop to the process, and even how to reverse a tumor.

5 essential skills every Web Developer should have

August 30, 2015

Answer on @Quora by Ellyse Taylor to What are 5 essential skills every Web Developer should have? http://qr.ae/RFlBop

Grace Hopper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

August 23, 2015

Grace Hopper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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