Trump’s Patron-in-Chief: Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson

Government by American Oligarch.

Adelson controls US and international law through Trump, with Ivanka and Jared as accessories.

USA tax law. Japanese Casino regulation and licences. Iran. China Casinos.

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Citizens United, super PACs, large corporations, control politics and laws with their unlimited money, that individual American citizens cannot compete with.

Our voice, or will is virtually lost to American version of the Oligarchs.

Big Corporate money undermines Representative Democracy as it’s no longer ‘For The People’.

Companies ARE NOT People, and legally should not be considered people. Corporations, should not be offered the same protections of people. Their consolidated power, and greed far over power thousands of people. All the while controlling the narrative in the market place, and acting as dictatorships within the company over the minions of their workers. Then they buy politicians, and create laws to use against those same people, gobbling even more power and resources, feeding a monster that subverts the people, making them less free. Undermining the tenants of democracy.