The Economist | Russia, MH17 and the West: A web of lies

The Economist | Russia, MH17 and the West: A web of lies via @theeconomist


LIVE: Latest Crimea updates

LIVE: Latest Crimea updates

Digby, Poznan, Poland
They won the vote, but why on earth do they have to throw the Ukraine Army out like they had done something wrong? When it was Ukraine, the Russians had their navy posted there. They should try to do this in a civilized manner!

Earlier this month, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet reportedly scuttled several of its ships at the entrance to the bay to block the seven Ukrainian vessels based there from leaving.

Russia may restrict foreign companies’ involvement in oil and gas exploration off the coast of Crimea, Russian Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environment, Denis Khramov, has told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti. Under Russian law, only majority state-owned companies can be involved in exploring reserves classed as being of “federal importance”, the agency says. (BBC Monitoring)

‘Independent’ Crimea in Russia bid

‘Independent’ Crimea in Russia bid

” There was no option for those who wanted the constitutional arrangements to remain unchanged. ”

So, is it independent, or part of Russia. Article refers to an independent Crimea.

The % turnout and % of votes sound good.
However I question circumstance and swiftness, seemingly out of nowhere. I do suppose I don’t regularly hear news from this area, so possibly it’s not out of left field, but an implied level of dissent over a long period of time, at a level matching this landslide vote, hasn’t been part of the journalism.
The Russian occupation, and lack of a status quo third option on the ballot, and the swiftness of developments re: Russia, since the Ukraine/EU u-turn are troubling. I also wonder what was behind Russia’s motive. Otherwise, if this vote would have happened as is anyway..great for them! -and I got no issues.

However, I can’t help to speculate that there is more to this story than we know about yet. Something is up with Russia.. or perhaps something is up with our media reporting. Is Russia after mineral rights, gas, oil, natural resources, cash, political/land (positional) resources, … What?