UrbaNext turns any bicycle into an electric one | AndroidAuthority


— excerpt below —

Once set up, you are in for a very nice ride. The user can pick between 3 modes: full electric, pedal assist and traditional bike. The full electric mode allows users to ride along without pedaling. Simply push the throttle button and get going. Meanwhile, the traditional bike mode will leave all the work to you.

Pedal assist mode is where things get interesting, and smarter. This mode uses an app to regulate how much help you want from the battery. The more you physically pedal, the longer the charge will last. There are 3 levels, so choose wisely.

Now, how fast a bike can go and for how long will depend on which model you get. The company built a couple electric motors in order to comply with both USA and European regulations. The American version features 350W of power, with a top speed of 20 mph and a 30 mile range.

Meanwhile, the European model is powered by a 240W motor and can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. The range is similar at about 30 miles, which pretty much equates to a couple hours of riding. It’s even possible to get rid of the throttle button to keep it all within the boundaries of the law in some European countries. This would leave users without full-electric mode, of course.

Interested? Some of you may already love your bikes, so we can see how a gadget like this would be enticing. Prices start at $319, which is great considering Indiegogo backers are getting a $380 discount over retail price. And it’s really not too much considering current electric bike prices. Are you signing up?