Running with Asthma & Diabetes | Tentsmuir

I also had severe asthma, yet found that through the pain, it was Necessary to push last the pain, and Exercise to keep the lungs exercised and ashealthy as possible.
Randomly, I would take a break, days, weeks, maybe even months? And upon starting, I would hack, and have severe chest pain for Months before they cleared up and we’re fine again. But if I kept it up, lungs were great, and do was my mind and body.
I also had Severe hypoglycemia.
10min between the time I thought I might be hungry soon, to being so Lee on blood sugar, that I’d have trouble finding my way home if I was across the street. I was Very lean. Are 5 meals plus snacks daily (Breakfast1, snack, Breakfast2, snack, Lunch1, snack, Lunch2, snack, Dinner). I could not eat bread or pasta, or drink soda (water was my bev of choice anyway).