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Answer on @Quora by Sajid Ahmed to What are common activities people get wrong every day but don’t know it?

A better way to eat (hold) your hamburger, hull strawberries, clean your blender, peel potatoes, eat an apple, seal a bag, eat chicken wings, …


Amazon Echo: The new “The Clapper”, modernized

Amazon Echo: Always Ready, Connected, and Fast..

Turn lights on and off by voice command
and so much more !


Oh, you’ll also need special, expensive bulbs, by 3rd parties, like Philips Hue, or Belkin WeMo.

.. Love this kind of technology 🙂

One day perhaps I can afford to kit my home with this and all the other cool things out there, haha!





When You Lose Weight, Where Does it Go? The Answer May Surprise You

When You Lose Weight, Where Does it Go? The Answer May Surprise You.


A surprising answer is that a good portion is Exhaled !
Carbon in the form of respiration, when you exhale…!

Cellular Respiration:

glucose + Oxygen -> Water + Carbon Dioxide + Energy

For each bit of glucose converted to water and carbon dioxide,

40% – expells as carbon dioxide
60% – expells as water

Per pound of mass, approximately
84% leaves as H20 (60%+60%*40%)  (sweat, urine,..)
16% leaves as CO2 (40%*40%) (breathing out, exhaling)


You’ll Be Eating This Noodle Salad From Now Till September
Every other Thursday, Elizabeth Stark from Brooklyn Supper will help you make salads you actually want to eat. Today: A fresh, multi-flavored noodle recipe that will show off the season’s prettiest produce. Rice noodles that you can make using the boil and steep method are essential for avoiding steamy kitchens.

Kelly Ripa Says Alkaline Diet Changed Her Life. Can It?
Kelly Ripa glowed at a GLAAD event on May 9th, 2015. Kelly Ripa recently revealed that she suffers from some “strange injuries” but says she’s found a cure —  an alkaline diet. It’s an antacid, like high-alkaline cleanse, and it has changed my life,” Ripa said on Live With Kelly and Michael.

University of Miami “Net-zero” water system

Watch the video, there is no text to the article.

Basically they have developed a water treatment plant for their building. It treats all the water on-site and recycles it, to net zero water use, no water waste.
Their water treatment is better than the city water treatment plants, as it also removed household chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

And it uses less energy.
A whopping 80% is generally spent transporting water to and from municipal water plants.
Only 20% is actually used on treating the water itself.

CALIFORNIA Really needs building owners/businesses, residents to have these kinds of systems available.

Particularly, eh em, southern ca !

One of California’s Biggest Sources of Water Just Disappeared
California’s main source of surface water during the state’s dry summer months is the remaining snow on its highest mountains. “This is essentially a worst-case scenario when it comes to California’s fragile water supply,” writes Holthaus.