Rescued Bear sanctuary faces eviction, Vietnam, shady plot.


BBC News – Why Japan’s ‘Fukushima 50’ remain unknown Farmer & his 400 views still live illegally on their land. He refuses to slaughter them. He can no longer grow any food for consumption, as contamination levels are too high. Despite being national heroes, the Fukishima workers are shamed (Japan culture), & won’t share their identities.

Antarctic lake project called off Goal of drilling into a lake bed that has been sealed off by ice for a million years has been halted. Out may be 5 years before they can attempt again. The goal its to look for life forms. There are other frozen lakes that extortions perhaps groom other countries, could also look into. Could be an exciting study (& discovery) of life forms, and evolution, independent of contact with rest of world. Also discoveries about conditions that life may evolve could have implications here, & extra terrestrially.