Physicists observe ‘negative mass’

Physicists observe ‘negative mass’ –


Trump blasts ‘ungrateful’ dad of UCLA player released by police

Trump vs ungrateful dad of US shoplifters in China.

Good points all around. All sides of this story!

Everyone’s right.

.. And oh, so WRONG !!!

Players are idiots, thieves, clueless to the world, have no respect for how good they’ve got it.

Father should be grateful for their return, and at least that Thanks, or say Nothing art All! A basic polite gesture.

– No matter if POTUS actually had anything to do with their return or not.

Honestly he should be humiliated for his kid’s actions. His family’s status. He and his family think they are too good for basic respect of another’s property – they are semi gods? They are out of their league and have no business traveling overseas.

On the other hand, perhaps they all ought to visit such regimes moor often! Gratitude for their lifestyle, appreciating for our country, and their meaningless stays would do is well.

Trump had his own selfish terrains for publicizing this.

POTUS is Petty !

And it’s Absurd that POTUS expects groveling !

Sheesh, not like Trump even had to make some great personal sacrifice here!

Trump definitely Not hero.

Not even presidential.

And the comparison between his under current White Supremacists vs the thread he paints of Black Americans is appalling.

Thugs all around!

NBA and POTUS: rich kids, no moral compass, spoiled, pretty, 1-percenter Thugs. All of them!

Embarrassing they are Americans.

Embarrassing they represent us.

Embarrassing they have a Voice in this world, in this country. They don’t deserve the money , status, notoriety, or privileges they hold.

The weakness of democracy that over rewards the wrong actions. Ball players are overpaid. Inherited wealth doesn’t always get put to good use (fault of the parents who either should not have been, or who should not have attained the wealth and status they got).

Makes the majority of hard working and/or morally guided Person ill. And to see them on the world stage representing Americans as a whole, gives this country a bad rap. 😩 If they didn’t want to spit on us before. They certainly would now. Ick.

I’m disfigured by on sides on this.

Except China. Deplorable as their civil rights are, this one off, leaves them looking rosey.

Makes me wonder, too, what is Trump hiding about his China talks. If this is Trumps China win, what did he/we loose,?

Perhaps nothing. Perhaps China saw this as an easy, yet great PR. Again, though, against their backdrop, it shouldn’t get so much attention.