Living a conjoined life

Living a conjoined life Amazing! I add-on in awe at how well these two people get along and work together. The challenges they overcome and work with are extraordinary -I cannot begin to imagine. They are both “a better person than I”. To be so well adapted and happy, and have good friends. Much spirit & support. Extraordinary parents (family, friends, community) to have achieved so much. Incredible all around. I hardly know the words. “Can’t we all just get along” has new meaning. They should appear on TED or TEDx. I’m sure they have some fascinating things to say..some wonderful insights and lessons for the rest of us. Contrast to wars, terrorist activity, violence..even minor domestic quibbles and spud office politics..the level of cooperation, compassion, understanding , “compromise (in a good way -give & take for the better)”..reaches a whole new height. As Inspiring, as it is unfathomable. I can’t even begin to comprehend..or wrap my head around how they do it. And they have turned out to be such great members of society.. amazing. And I don’t know how their parents did it.Or how they possibly made that decision on the first place. Obviously, it worked. I dunno what their initial psychology could have possibly been to do this. I’d have thought wacked, unbalanced. Clearly they were not only up for it, they were some sort of super parents that ultra succeeded. Wow.