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Citizens United, super PACs, large corporations, control politics and laws with their unlimited money, that individual American citizens cannot compete with.

Our voice, or will is virtually lost to American version of the Oligarchs.

Big Corporate money undermines Representative Democracy as it’s no longer ‘For The People’.

Companies ARE NOT People, and legally should not be considered people. Corporations, should not be offered the same protections of people. Their consolidated power, and greed far over power thousands of people. All the while controlling the narrative in the market place, and acting as dictatorships within the company over the minions of their workers. Then they buy politicians, and create laws to use against those same people, gobbling even more power and resources, feeding a monster that subverts the people, making them less free. Undermining the tenants of democracy.

Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum | Education | Dallas News

This once again silences, erases women from history.

Who is not in awe of Helen Keller!?!

I cannot imagine not growing up with this story. It is a universal story, not gendered even. Amazing triumph. Or parallels the American spirit, American dream, and even American entrepreneurial themes of innovation, persistence, and somebody believing in your dream followed by groundbreaking success.

And politics aside, America or seems lags behind much of the world in allowing women in power.

Historically, and worldwide, women who have led nations often get erased from history books. We have learned of a few, rediscovered and brought to public awareness just this year.

Likewise, women scientists, and mathematicians are often relegated to the background, let out of history, or are obfuscated behind a man’s name.

Countless historical records never mention a Women’s name, instead referring to her as Mrs (husbands firstname lastname).

It’s only recent years that the public is learning that computer programming was INVENTED by women!

Helen Keller is IMPORTANT for a while lot of reasons. From “overcoming” a disability, sharing hope, triumph – both for Helen AND her innovative teacher, to success, and important on education.

Hillary Clinton is important as she represents a historical landmark of a woman talking a seat at the table at such a high level of OUR government. This is historical for our country. It is well known that representation is a GREAT factor in opening doors to future leaders. With exposure, both men AND women can see women holding significant rules as normal.

It also confirms to every child that anyone (qualified) can good that position. Yes, it even confirms to the boys that they too might aspire to hold such a position, despite what their family said, how the school bully treats them, what town they come from.

Of course, if the point is to disenfranchise all but rich, white, Christian, males..

Those who don’t want boys who may be gay, from a poor (or even middle class) neighbourhood, mixed ethnic ancestory, etc… well, definitely do NOT show a woman. That would keep the dream available.

The easiest way to disenfranchise the population, is to cut out women.

Boom: 50% of the population right there! AND, it is normalized mindset to disenfranchise others. Now chipping away along other lines is easy. First of all, you get to pit remaining groups against themselves. not only has competition intensified, but the real remaining 50% will use any trick in the book. And if you can divide by gender (physical trait), you can divide by race. ETC.

Additionally, within every divided subgroup consists of 50% men and 50% women. Any women trying to break through, will be held back by the men in their own group!

So further division and weakness ensures.

WE Need the best peeps for the job at each job. We need each person’s gifts, talents, dreams to be magnified.

Happiness, Hope, American Dream.

Work toward the good for all.

The best for all benefits all.

Lifting each other up, also lifts ourselves up

Also the more gender equal a society is, the more successful the society is. INCLUDING MEN. Yes. Men’s happiness AND standard of living INCREASE as gender gaps decrease!

Interesting and telling that the only 2 historical figures to be removed are women.

Women who provide messages of the American Dream to ANYONE.

The youth of today will be ruling or country, making decisions for our future, provide businesses, services, and moral climate for our future.

We owe it to expose or children to the narrative that women can break the glass ceiling. Hopefully one day it is eliminated, and true equality will exist. We owe it to keep dreams alive that no matter your background, you can overcome disadvantages, and provide value to society. And that there are people rooting for you..

These two individuals leave footprints and evidence in a child’s mind of the American Ideals, the American Dream.

And leave it on tat any disenfranchise group can despite odds make it.

Remember, women are always the last disenfranchised group.

As long as we can suppress women, we can suppress anyone.


BBC News: Killer whale spotted pushing dead calf for two days

Killer whale spotted pushing dead calf for two days – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-44984832

Then there was a 2hr “ceremony” with other whales circled aground it

No newborns have survived the part few years, and in general less than 1/3 are surviving.

Very Sad story