Why violent crime is so rare in Iceland

Why violent crime is so rare in Iceland http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25201471

They identify deal with problem behaviors swiftly, firmly Before would-be Criminals set on their path.

Virtually no drug use in country.

Social equality: almost no upper class, almost no poor. 97% of population is middle class (with a range of low to high middle class).
Even the tycoons share the same schools, socializing equally.
Large social structure of support shared and Patrick participated equally across all society.

So people aren’t clamoring across one another, trying to outdo, or alternatively, squash others in any way to step above others, no wish for another’s downfall to mitigate your own ruse. In otherwise, more cooperation, friendliness, and support for each other and the benefit for all society, and hence individuals as well.
Thus works well with low drug use, no drug games, and happiness of everyone. They all play hand in hand with each other.
So does the recognition of signs of divergent behavior. Small crimes and behaviors being recognized and addressed with confidence. Here in US, we pretend it’s not a problem, let things go again and again, while the divergent behavior grows and grows. People feel they don’t have a voice, and must put up with a criminal’s ways, and/or police and social workers just let them go with import per reports and monitoring. Families and friends live around it.
How many times has a person escalated to commit horrendous crimes (violent, psychopathic,..) only to find out that the “locals”, friends, co-workers, family, even social workers or law enforcement been aware of said tendencies, or been highly suspicious. We don’t have proper values in place. We don’t want to hurt their feelings, so to speak. Talking too much of “rights”, or being nice. -Don’t get me wrong: I’m a firm believer in rights, and protections, but there are times where (lawyers too focused on money and trying to win, or social workers having hands tied without support can’t take stance to escalate when necessary)…

Also, we have a screwed sense of values: if you’re a movie star, or pro-athlete, politician, leader of a company, or have money, you can do no wrong. People won’t touch you, you can get away with anything (to a point). You are popular, or wealthy, and hence valuable to someone, and hence, people, acquaintances around them well not only turn a blind eye, but we’ll harbor, even contribute to the development of that divergent behavior. People won’t take the initiative to put the person in line, nor share their segments with anyone else. The further along either path (success in external world, divergent in personal behavior), the more fearful an acquaintance well be too being it up to the individual, his own peers, or an external source. Plus, it is known that there is an compliance amongst the wider net. And, as long as they are getting benefits (their pocketbooks are being lines, or their company’s, or..) it is easy to justify turning a blind eye, especially if you are not the direct receiver of such divergent behaviors or if you are, then the fear factor is even much greater, and the more trapped you feel).
So social inequality, and skewed values played a role here in this way as well.
We need to do idolizing these people, and holding them to the same social values as everyone else.
Thus is particularly so for crimes and misbehaviors toasted women. The tolerance and even “advertising” in society as a whole is abysmal (better that 3rd world countries, which is horrific), but unacceptable none-the-less. The portal in TV, movies, Music, everyday speech and language is not at all where it should be. And being a wealthy society with lots of toys, and works presence, we to an extent (think we can) get away with it. But it is much more detrimental than it appears. And not only does there become a tipping point where it contributes to our lack of progress/demise/turns on itself, but as that happens this inequality will escalate. At that point, we may be unable to do anything about it, and the effects will be obvious.
It has been shown that the more equal the society is, in terms of gender protection (treatment toward and with women, as a woman sees things), the happier The Men are. Yes: contrast to assumptions and contrived justifications of thoughts by men, Men Are Happier when the society as a whole decides to put testosterone and bullying traits aside, to focus on compassion, equality, of women and Society, a priority.
A way to relate to this concept, if you’re a skeptic: have you every experienced a “quick fix” to be unsatisfying, while a longer term or more difficult action to be very satisfying.

Anyway, in contrast to my polarizing comments, the article linked to is interesting. And it sticks to the facts. Unlike my own impassioned rant above!