Elon Musk shares the epic last photo of ‘Starman’ in the red Tesla he shot into space

Elon Musk shares the epic last photo of ‘Starman’ in the red Tesla he shot into space

For as long as a connection was available, SpaceX took pictures of the car and mannequin driver as it floated through space.

video embeds and photos in the article are definitely worth checking out. Especially the animation!

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The revenge porn avengers

The revenge porn avengers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25321301

Harassment !
Intent to do harm.
Defacing a person.

Hosting a platform for people to do the above.
Both the posters, and the website owners are guilty of crime.
Not unlike a ponzie financier.. except that it’s more personal, and emotional, and individually targeted.

Absolutely unacceptable. Can’t blame the”victim” for believing this person to be a decent human at some point, before they found or the hard way. For actually being kind, giving, loving, sharing. Plus many of these images were stolen. And the ones which were shared, not necessarily “given”, were done so for a particular use and intent.
Copyrights allow someone Limited rights to use of image. And for those images that were not delighted, that were taken by the male, well, I firmly believe that the woman should always own the controlling copyright if such images, and any use by the photographer ought to expire, and require renewal.
Most are taken with the women in a disadvantageous position. Women have never had proper protection here. It works out well for some high paid models. The rest are lied to, our taken advantage of by unscrupulous “photographers” (not all of them legit), women pursued into raw deals. Many nit even wanting pics taken in the first place. A famous landmark out building has more protection than women do.