How It Works | RYNO Motors

Source: How It Works | RYNO Motors

Better than a Segway? Personal motorized device.
Allowed anywhere pedestrians are: Offices, sidewalks, grocery stores, bike lanes. Up to 10mph. Self Balancing. Can transport up to 250lbs of cargo.

Originally, I guess it was 12mph, and up to 25mph in a limited capacity, in order to keep it classified as a personal motorized device. Looks like the final production version is up to 10mph.

Only thing I wonder how “wide” this thing is. Like it might be rather uncomfortable for some people.  A whole bunch of photos show people just standing, chatting with someone, but I really don’t think that would be comfortable unless very large, or very tall. Small framed people, like myself, I have doubts.

Looks rather cool though.

I want to see their concept car. I saw some images, but I haven’t found it on their website yet.