Why I love AI ? (Artificial Intelligence) 

(By Oliver Cameron, Instructor and course developer at Udacity.com)


I think we have the potential, using artificial intelligence, to completely transform the world. As grandiose as that sounds, and as primitive as much of the A.I. work appears today, there are some amazing things happening at this very moment in this area. Machines are painting pictures, composing songs, understanding language, helping to diagnose diseases (cancer!) and much more. Think of what will be possible in 5 years!

I met with a researcher yesterday who is using computer vision and A.I. to detect skin cancer. His results show that, using purely an iPhone and his model, he is able to meet and even in some cases exceed human (a doctor) performance when diagnosing. Why is this transformational?Think of the amount of people in the world who don’t have access to these sorts of free tests, it’s in the many billions. What will the world look like when access to these sorts of tools is totally democratized?

I want that world to exist, and to get there we need some absolutely amazing software engineers to make it happen. This is where you guys come in! Re-invent the world!


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