Sunbathing ‘may be addictive’

Sunbathing ‘may be addictive’

Pleasurable, yes. Addiction, no.

Opiates also released during exercise.

And food also serves as a drug, releasing chemicals and hormones, especially when ingesting excessive amounts of sugar, salt, fat. –that’s why companies infuse such high amounts into their products.. keep our bodies “high” at the cellular level, so we Keri wanting more of that. Our cravings and expectations adjust,

However, taper the amount of salt, fat, sugar we intake, and we prefer the year if healthier foods, and feel better consistently. After eating lower salt, sugar, etc, food that are unduly laden with these additives taste horrible -at that point you just taste excess salt, for example, and are dual punted at the lack of flavor and nutrition in said products.
I may miss American food after a while if traveling, but sometimes upon returning, pre packaged foods (and some restaurant food) tastes horrible due to prominence of salt, fat, sugar replacing actual taste. Good thing is, I am even more likely to eat healthy or home prepared meals, or at least be untempted by some unhealthy items. That’s a good thing.

It bodies like status quo, so it resists any change, good or bad. So anything we do, will want to keep doing.
Some things though require effort, and thus are easier to let fall by the wayside (easier to be lazy and not exercise, even if it causes pain and other horrible feelings when we Don’t exercise). Also a spike in hormones caused by serious influx of fat/sugar created a situation where it is easier to develop a bad fat/sugar habit, than a good fat/sugar habit, even though the increased sugar levels overall make us feel worse. There is so corresponding spike, or body high when fat/sugar levels are decreased. However over time a general consistent well being websites. In fact, when at healthy levels, those spikes don’t even feel good.
And since high levels of fat/sugar/salt are predominate in our pre-prepared (food) society, it’s very easy to accidentally develop a taste for increased levels.


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