Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn’t usually work

Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn’t usually work #TED :

I followed this principal most of my life. It works! It is also natural, but once you break connection with the body, it is “broken”. Eat what/when the BODY wants, not what your mind desires.
Body always wants equilibrium, so giving up sweets, creates sweet cravings, until a new equilibrium is reached. Listening to Joe body feels after eating healthy reinforces, and creates desire to eat healthy. Pretty soon you start to feel great, and live healthy food. Outs natural. Veggies are awesome, delicious (choose fresh fruits and veggies you like most, especially to begin journey.)
Salt, fast, sugar, etc, are like druids, they overwhelm the body, produce hormones, and make us act seductively seeking ever grate amounts.
Big business knots this, and adds these items in repulsive amounts. And when our body connection is broken, we will eat”endless”amounts of these foods, trying to get that high, even when not hungry. Thing is, is really only works when we Are hungry.
Ever notice that good behind to lose its flavor once we are satiated? Once I lost my mind-body connection, I noticed that at the point of satiation which previously was my (enjoyed) cue to stop, it instead became my cue begin eating in an addictive manner: the food was no longer delicious, yet I suddenly couldn’t stop, as though on a mission. I could notice, see, feel this moment of transition, yet I usually did not choose to put my fork down at these pivotal moments. I was determined to get that enjoyment level back. But if was a downhill battle.
The best way to get the moment back, is to wait until hungry again. Good never tasted so good as after a great bout of exercise, combined with a bit of hunger.
Stopping at satiation (no longer hungry, not yet full) is the key. You get to eat more often, too ! 🙂 Loading up on fresh veggies, and fruits.
I also say eat a bit before hunger hits, difficult to recognise at first, but eventually you’ll get a feel for when you know hunger will be soon. (Eat before hunger, Stop before full..Once you have realigned with your body’s cues.)
Eat regularly, especially if you’ve lost the clues to know that you are hungry.
Eat small meals, as often as it makes sense to do so (some say 5 meals).
Reduce sugar, salt, fat, if you aren’t already eating food low in these items. They warp the taste of food, and upset the body’s mechanisms for regulating (and indicating to you) what it needs.


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